About Enchanted Atelier :


Enchanted Atelier is a personal project born in 2010 by my love for nature.

I've studied many years to develop knowledge and skills in using old techniques to make textiles, clothes and handicraft using natural and recycled materials.

The concept is to encourage people to use natural and organic products, respecting animals and environment.

My products are 100% handmade by me using raw and recycled materials (what i find in the woods, something reusable and /or sustainable ecological fabrics).

For my clothing line i use mostly recycled textiles and felt (the wool derived exclusively from sustainable farms located in Norway and in UK).

Except for the wool i don't use animal-derivate materials (no leather, no fur). I may use recycled silk only from second hand clothes that are destined to textile waste.

I think it's very sad to throw away materials, expecially when they derivate from animals. For this reason i "save" them reciclyng as much as i can to create less waste for environment and to respect the animals previously involved.

The style is inspired by my vision of the Nature and it has a faery touch in it.

Each product is one of a kind, original designed and made by me.

Since i create each product from scratch, the process to make it is often long, so i can't list a lot of products in short periods of time, but if you are interested to have one of them you'll have the advantage to have a unique piece of wearable art.

If you wish an original piece to wear I work also on custom orders.

Please, feel free to CONTACT me if you have some question or if you wish to order some of my creations. I'll be happy to answer as soon as i can..


I also draw, sculpture and paint enchanted creatures. I make my own paper and colors from scratch using plants from the woods. Some of my supply are available for order.

I've illustrated several books and magazines about mythology and I contribute to them regularly.

Here's just a few examples of books, magazines and awards about my drawings:


With Enchanted Atelier i participate to some special event in Oslo, where i sell my stuff and where i give advices to how to use natural materials to create new stuff.

Please take a look to the page EVENTS in the top menu for more info.