(The following pictures show just few exemples of what i create. To see more stuff, please visit the BLOG in my FACEBOOK page)


The style is inspired by faeries and other enchanted creatures. I often create my own fabric and my own yarn using all kind of materials i find at hand.

Felt is handmade by me using only norwegian or english wool from sustainable farms, where the sheeps are loved, good treated and free.

All the clothes showed in the pictures are for sale (click on the picture to see details or send me an e-mail to ask for info).


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First photo: "Mad fae" bolero + "Hyppye!" pantsSecond photo: "Mad fae" bolero Second photo: "Pixiefae" jacket + "Gypsyfae" skirt

(PHOTOS: Red Art - MODELS: Kama Sofie Gaiadottir - Ksenia Valland - Kama Sofie Gaiadottir )



Right & left photos: "Misummer night dream" corset + "Gypsyfae" skirt Photo in the middle: "Pixiefae" jacket + "Gypsyfae" skirt

(PHOTOS: Red Art - MODELS: Solveig - Kama Sofie Gaiadottir - Tone Susann Kauterud)



First photo: "Pixie" vest Second & third photo: "Curly" top + "Rainbow" skirt



Below: "Jester" jacket

(PHOTOS: Red Art - MODELS: Kama Sofie Gaiadottir - Roberta)



First photo: "Bluebell" outfit Second and third photos: "Banana" top

(PHOTOS: Red Art - MODELS: Red - Edel)



First photo: "Pixie" glovesSecond photo:"Hobgoblin" hat



First photo: "Faerie queen" collar